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At Care Mithra, our care homes offer a wide variety of exceptional care services for our residents, our skilled, friendly and experienced staff take pride in delivering the care that you, or loved one need now or may need in the future.

Trimley offers residential, respite and dementia care services. We ensure that each resident gets the unique personalised care they need as per their care plan right from the referrals and on-boarding. We take our residents care plan very seriously and ensure we keep an accurate record of the actual routine. We understand that you hope to find a residential home that is warm, welcoming, safe and comfortable. While Brierfield offers all this, we also have a team of experienced and well trained staff to provide physical, mental and emotional support during a stay here.

Residential Care Services

At Trimley , our approach to providing homely residential care revolves around improving the quality of life for every resident by creating a safe, homely and comfortable environment . All our care delivery, services and activities are centred around the individual requests and needs of the individual. Our homes are equipped with a variety of features that assist with easy movement around the property. Whether a resident needs help with everyday activities, such as mobility, washing, dressing or eating, needs open spaces to move around or requires more special needs and assistance, we have highly trained and dedicated staff for the job. We even have a team of highly skilled, trained and experienced care staff that are available around the clock.

At Trimley , a bespoke care plan is prepared after an initial assessment and evaluation. We always maintain regular communication with our residents’ families to ensure and assure that the care provided is as unique as the individual and contributes to support their wellbeing.

Respite Care services

Respite Care Services

Sometimes you or your loved one might just need a short term stay while you convalescence from an injury or operation. At Trimley we can provide short term respite care until you recover. We can provide respite care for residents requiring residential or dementia care. We take the same discerning approach to respite care as we do to residents who are with us for a longer period of time. Needless to say that anyone in our respite care has complete access to all our facilities as well as the opportunity to forge new friendships while at our Home.

Dementia Care Services

It is a sad reality that nowadays, Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia are increasingly common. At Trimley, we recognise this and this is the reason we a have dedicated team providing specialist care for the residents living with Dementia. Our experienced and highly trained staff understand the different types of dementia and are able to help residents with behavioural changes, identity problems, communication difficulties, falls and other practical impacts of dementia. We’re there to support, encourage and reassure every resident through each day!

Dementia care services