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We encourage our residents where possible to manage their own finances. The responsibility for safe keeping of all cash and valuables is that of the individual, therefore we would endorse residents having their own contents insurance.

Respite Care is short term care designed to help people recover from an operation, illness or injury. Respite stays are a minimum of two weeks and can last up to a few months. Individual care plans are tailored to each resident’s requirements to aid speedy recovery.

We also offer trial periods for all new residents who are moving in with us. With a trial period, you have the peace of mind that should you wish to leave at any point within the first 28 days, you are entitled to do so by giving written notice that takes immediate effect.

Residents have the right to choose how they would like to be cared for and such choices will be documented in their own individualised care plan. We will always try to accommodate any special requests and will tailor your care delivery accordingly.
We actively encourage visits from family, relatives and friends. If for any reason visiting in person is not be possible, we can even set up contact via the internet. In all of these cases our staff will assist the resident to maintain family and personal contacts.

Our Chefs offer fresh, seasonal menus that change daily for lunch and dinner. Each menu lists all allergies and caters for all dietary requirements including soft palette. Whether it be vegetarian or pescatarian, at Brierfield we take extra care to make sure our residents’ tastes and needs are met.

We recognise ethnic, cultural and spiritual diversity at Trimley as an important part of life. Wherever possible our home teams reflect the cultural and ethnic mix of our residents. Individuals who for cultural or religious reasons have preferences about how they are cared for should have their wishes met and these should be identified as part of care planning.

Every resident that joins us is supported by the move in co-ordination team. We will undertake tasks such as the arranging your favourite photos or personal belongings and as well as even testing of all electrical equipment.

Yes, your contract may be terminated under specific circumstances.  Such circumstances include:

  • where a resident needs the type of accommodation that can be better met elsewhere
  • where a resident’s care needs or support are of kinds not provided by the home
  • where a resident needs to go into hospital on a full time basis
  • where a resident’s behaviour can no longer be managed by the home
  • where there is significant non-payment of fees by a resident
  • where it is necessary to close a home
You may terminate your contract without notice at any time during the 28 day Trial Period. Thereafter, you may terminate your contract by giving at least 28 days’ written notice to the home management team. You may also terminate your contract by giving at least 14 days’ written notice to the home management team after a material breach of your contract has continued for at least 28 days after you have notified the home management team in writing of the breach and required them to remedy it.
Our apartments come unfurnished as standard to allow for them to be personalised to suit individual taste. We offer help with unpacking and arranging of furniture when you move in